June 25, 2024

Quick looting is a gameplay mechanic that allows players to efficiently collect creature products, equipment, gold, etc. from defeated monsters. Concept of quick looting has evolved to enhance the gaming experience by minimazing downtime and maintaining the flow of hunting.

How players hated the manually opening backpacks with loot, how they hated missing the loot from the creatures – this you can probably answer by yourself, especially if you are Knight.

Let’s not forget about the struggle of our innocent playerbase who were just annoyed by people who used the autoloot-bot for the quick loot. Well. NO MORE!

With Summer Update 2024 all Tibian players will get the possibility to use just one Hot-Key to Loot-Them-All.

We are really looking forward to it! You can find more information in the source of this article: Convenience Features

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