July 17, 2024

On April 18th 2023 Cipsoft announced the Doom of Tutors. The Bug Reporting.

If you ever wished to be a Tutor, but you never passed the test or you just couldn’t qualify as one – this is your day. From now on (or rather, from 3rd of May, 2023), every single player in Tibia can be considered as a Tutor. Process of reporting a bug looks the same as it was for Tutors and the same as it was on Test Servers.


There are three ways to report a bug in game.

1. Use Control + Z combination to open bug report dialog. Then you select the category: Typo, Technical or Other. Next step is to describe the bug and submit it.

2. For the map bugs: click with right mouse button on certain/bugged field and select “Report Coordinate“.

3. For NPC typos: right-click on typo NPC-message and select “Report Message“.



With the end of Tutor-era, some questions were born. Do we really needed Tutors? Were they doing a good job? People are having different opinions.



Valuable answer to this situation was given by Lee Kun, ex-Tutor and one of the TibiaWiki/Fandom admins:


Will you miss the Tutor position? Is it rather irrelevant for you? Did you report any bugs in the past? Let us know!


– Tibia.com: Bug Reporting
– Tibia.com: Forum – TUTORS & SENATORS
– TibiaQA, official Fansite: Why did they remove tutors and senators?

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