April 22, 2024

Bait or disclosure?


For as long as anyone can remember, Warlord Sword was one of unobtainable rares in Tibia. Players can admire its look either in Morguthis treasure room, in Dream Realm where Mimics turn into it, or at more accessible place – tower where a Sweaty Cyclops works, in Ab’dendriel.

There are not many known examples of that sword existing in the game. As Tibia Fandom states, it was once shown in Tibianic Exhibition hosted by Taghor – who most likely was a Game Master in the past. When the Gamemaster-program was finished, the ex-GMs were given some items as compensation. Did he obtain it this way? Is it even possible to obtain this legendary Warlord Sword in game?

Simula, player from Monza, wrote an interesting theory about Warlord Sword on Reddit: The Warlord Sword and the Dark Cloaked Man which we invite you to read.


On 6th of April, 2023, player Zemyth posted his selling list on Antica Trade-forum. Apart of many rare keys that he was selling, a real catch were the THREE Warlord Swords, two in Peloria and one in Quelibra. His announcement landed on Tibia Ferumbrinha: “Finally solved the Warlord Sword mystery!?”. Don’t get excited. Tibia Secrets admin, Bosst, known for many articles about Tibian Mysteriandos, didn’t leave the thread unanswered. He pointed out to a player Qeg: “What a fail, Qeg how dare you.” Qeg was known for baiting other players. He stated that he owns Light Mace, which in fact was just a poorly made photoshop to get attention.

On 14th of April his post was exposed by Mirius, known as Tibia-Detective. Here you can watch his exposure on YouTube: Uncovering the LIE of the 3 Warlord Swords.

Β Last words:

What do you think about Warlord Sword? Does it exist in Tibia? Is it obtainable? Do you think that this announcement is just a bait or a real disclosure for Tibia community?

Tibia.com Forum: “Selling rare keys”
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14 thoughts on “Warlord Sword for sale?

  1. XD mirius tibia detektive?! XD dude is so jealous of other people finding rares that he will say all to get attention XD complex of light (small) mace? XD

  2. I find that article from Reddit really interesting. Maybe someone solved the mystery and now owns those swords. Would be nice to get any evidence from Zemyth that he has them. Althrough his name “Zemyth” / The Myth doesn’t leave me satisfied :/

    1. tbh i dont think he has it coz he not answer on other items he sell than why would he has sword? no proof no sword πŸ™‚

    2. Right. Once you solve the mistery, it’s possible to redo it as many times as you want, so if he got one, he could as well get 3. Did he though?

  3. sorry but i rather believe random on forum saying he has 10000 warlord swords than mirius who is attention seeker

  4. At first I though the post was meant to compare Mirius’ head to the phoenix shield shown next to it. Looks 1:1, both perfectly oval

  5. I like Mirius. He might be a little bit too much sometimes, but he always touches on interesting subjects

  6. holy moly if he has those swords then he probs have some info how to obtain them? yet, only 3? must have been hard to get them then? did anyone try to get in touch with him?

  7. Guys! I already bought 2 items from our trade king for only 150k TC
    sword and mace of course!
    Here is copypaste to proove he is legit!!!

    You see a knife (Atk:5, Def:5).
    Classification: 2 Tier: 0.
    It weighs 4.20 oz.

    You see a clerical mace (Atk:28, Def:15 +1).
    Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot).
    Classification: 1 Tier: 0.
    It can only be wielded properly by players of level 20 or higher.
    It weighs 58.00 oz.

  8. Qeg said he know there are just 1 key 0000 on forum but on Reddit he said his friend own 1 too, is that mean there has 2 key 0000? Clown is lying lol

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