June 25, 2024

Hear ye, hear ye!

Alanui Institute, which is allied with Red Rose – one of the oldest guilds in Tibia, efficiently organises various events on Antica. This time they decided to celebrate Easter.

Events like this are beyond any doubt uniting the community and throw RPG-spirit at everyone.

Easter Egg hunt is for sure well prepared, representatives are updating post on forum regulary and publish the winners.

We hope for more events like this, spreaded through whole Tibia. Good job!

Source: Tibia.com: Easter Basket Egg Hunt

8 thoughts on “Alanui Institute from Antica is uniting community again!

  1. they scam and let only friends find the baskets and their rewards are shit
    they dont unite community they unite their puppets

    1. Agree. I found one basket and won red eggs but they didn’t want to give me those. Instead they ate it on my eyes in their Guild Hall.

  2. @someone from antica – that’s totally not true lol, don’t be a hater when they do such a nice event. I don’t play on Antica currently, but I used to play there, I saw that post and decided to have a try. I found one, as a noob. Don’t lie. I saw a lot of people trying to find it. I don’t care about rewards, I care about fun, and that was fun to find it. Again – don’t be a hater. Think how old are you. It’s just a 2d game and an event in there…

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