May 25, 2024

During the last weeks, multiple high-level characters invaded Bona server. The owners of those characters come from Brazil, and are being supported by Dejair Invencivel.

Why is it happening? There are many reasons that Dejair is giving to the community. For example bad behavior of Polish players after the arrival of those characters, but if we think about it the real battle between Brazilian player and Bobeek was always the highscores.
Dejair himself, in an interview with Cateroide, admitted after a short time that he was the provocateur of the whole drama, and the reason for this action was his calculations, which clearly showed that without open conflict it would have taken him a few years to overtake the top players!

The fight for the top 1 was going on for a long time, and Bobeek was ahead, even tho Dejair was looking for every single possibility to catch up. Right now they are trying to destroy the team hunts of the Bobeek and Goraca team by interrupting their team hunt.

Besides simple stealing of monsters, they are trying to challenge and out-lure the creatures or destroy field firebombs which are used by Bobeek’s ek to avoid Fear in Soul War Ebb & Flow area, more commonly known as “Fishes”.

The battle can be seen from both sides on the Twitch platform for many hours every day, and the battle between Brazilian and Polish players seems to grow.

Although the war was originally intended to take place between Tibia’s top levels and Dejair supported by his helpers, the campaign of aggression used by the players soon moved to the entire server. Nowadays, any player of the Bona server can encounter 8-level characters shouting “BONA IS BR” in the depo. Dejair helpers who are paid by his sponsor disturb neutral players for hours, purely for fun. Currently, the most victims of this conflict are among the neutral players of server Bona. Unfortunately, due to the constant creation of traps by “guests” on the Zathroth Library, or access to popular daily bosses, smaller levels that have nothing to do with Bobeek and his guild are dying.

“I am writing to you as a concerned player. There is a serious issue happening on the Bona server that needs to be addressed. There is a “cold war” between players from Poland and Brazil, which has escalated to the point of racism, insults, and propaganda bots being used in the game. The whole situation emerged from the conflict between Bobeek and Dejair Invencivel.

As a player from Bona, I have witnessed firsthand the toxic environment that has developed. It is disheartening to see players attacking one another based on their nationality. This behavior goes against the spirit of the game, which should be about having fun and building a community.”

~The author of the statement agrees to present it, provided he remains anonymous.

More and less popular Twitch streamers are also involved in the whole affair. Especially the less popular ones, who are trying to gain viewers by spreading false information, and winding up the whole drama with controversial opinions.

Tibia is free to play a Sandbox game, in which almost everything is “legal” and all the methods are available, but is the way of the Brazilian team a good way to get the top 1 spot? Tell us how you see it!


anonymous player,

3 thoughts on “Top levels vs. Dejair? The War has begun!

  1. why destroy fun of other player

    zagaralf is know for abusing and he helping br team then i am not respect him and other abuseive twitchers

    they should ban from tibia

    no care if dejanir tops 3 or 4 this is no good what he do

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