April 22, 2024

As it turns out, the newest technology such as AI is not just a curiosity and an incredibly developed tool that can make our real lives easier. It is also a tool that can give dishonest Tibians a much better chance of entering Tibia contests!

Take, for example, the recent competition organized by TibiaDraptor.com, where some of the entries posted there turned out to be generated graphics. People made no secret of the fact that they used the new technology for this purpose, valuing it more than handwritten works.

While these works, often even labeled with a generator’s name (e.g. Midjourney) in the images of the creation process proved easy to pick up, AI can be trained, and some of the more sophisticated tools allow it to be trained to trim as close as possible to the desired effect.

Some players don’t even seem to see the problem in the fact that generating and creating an image or any other content by hand differs significantly in the input and nature of the work. It is the effect that counts, and the more ideal one, although artificially created, gains more value.

Although this approach also finds its opponents, and the people who appreciate real work do not stand in hiding, they are powerless in the face of rapidly advancing technology. Players for whom only the goal of making money will count will pursue it at the expense of less moral solutions and will begin to refine their practices. Duplicating a sketch in Photoshop with a generated graphic as a template – the ideal solution?

Through AI, we can create not only images but also texts or music!

Unfortunately, proving such deception seems impossible. So what awaits players during Tibia competitions? Do they still have a chance for fair competition? Do competitions still make sense?

2 thoughts on “AI the new Tibia contests winner?

  1. dat draptor contest was rigged from the bottom to top lol just look at second place that girl launel who won…………………..dat was perfect example of ai generated image because that mob looked like a raptor from tomb raider and not draptor from tibia………….its not fair to people…..i know you can have diferent view on how mob look like but this is crap, im down with that site and the challenges they make because they allow cheaters to take part in it and she got to the top with generated image and i need to conquer with this kind of people?????????????? where logic where brain??????????????? i have no chance to get her amount of point because ai cant help me inside of tibia………………..tibia draptor im rlyrly disaponted of you……………..

  2. My personal opinion on this case is that AI should be banned from any kind of Tibian contests. It is unfair already that only few popular people win the contests. Imagine how unfair it will be if AI generators will get that monopoly. A big NO for that and a big thumb DOWN for Storned.

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