June 25, 2024

After seven update teasers and an intensive testing phase, the summer update of 2022 has finally been released. Let us go over what is new in Tibia:
If you feel comfortable hunting in Asura Palace, for example, you should now try to gain access to Marapur, a new island south of Roshamuul, and meet the Nagas! Test your talent in quests, fights against mini-bosses, and a bigger bossfight. With Marapur, the 20th area Tibians have been searching for was finally discovered.

Nagas have a strong sense of aesthetics that does not only show in decorated buildings but also extends to their craftsmanship and battle gear. Thanks to them, new equipment with an elaborate and elegant look is now available.

If you like to dress to impress, you will certainly also enjoy the new and extraordinary gear that can be obtained deep below the surface in Gnomprona. Make sure to strive for the three new best-in-slot equipment pieces that are now available for each vocation.

Let yourself be recruited by the Gnomcruiter in Noodles Academy of Modern Magic after you have spent some time in Marapur, for a chance to show your bravery by fighting against new primordial creatures. These creatures become more and more dangerous and resonate in difficulty with your qualification. Raise your hazard qualification by killing the primal menace, a miniboss with a cooldown of 20 hours. This perilous new system will spice up your hunts in Gnomprona. If you have shown enough bravery, Gnomadness will reward you with your very own Ripptor mount, and one out of the mentioned new best-in-slot equipment pieces. Wear the new flaming hot outfit that you can obtain there with pride.

You are a boss hunter at heart and have always wanted a feature that helps you keep track of your heroic deeds, and adds more meaning to what you are doing? Take a look at the new Bosstiary that you can find in the Tibia Cyclopedia. The rewards for the three different progress levels might even encourage one or the other Tibian who has not been a boss hunter yet, to boss up. The new “daily boosted bosses” will help you fill the Bosstiary.

Speaking about bosses. There is now a Boss Cooldowns widget that will let you track your archfoes’ cooldowns. In addition to this, several further convenience features were added with this year’s summer update. The new options to adjust the look of the arcs that display your hitpoints and mana enable you to customize your Tibian experience more to your liking. Surely, the new NPC filter option in the Search Locker widget, or the search field in NPC trade windows, as well as the option to buy and sell larger amounts of stackable items at once will also come in handy. The new indicator that informs you about time or charges left on items will make your Tibian life easier, too. You can also customize this display via the Options menu.

If you are interested in a summary of everything that has been introduced in this update drop by the pages:

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We hope you enjoy the new content and features!



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