June 25, 2024

Things you can do daily – hunt for experience, hunt for profit, check on market, kill some bosses.

And get those free bonuses from daily reward system, which got introduced in Summer Update 2017, July 25!

15 January 2023 was the day, when the streak reached 2000 days.

Estrela Magia, character from streamer Nattank, showed his daily achievement on Ferumbrinha:

Harmonia player, Pulchny, shared his streak on Tibia.com official forums, getting some nice comments:

Also player from Bona, Popicii, has something to brag about:

What was your longest streak? Was it broken because of server crashes? Share your thoughts with us!

YouTube: Tibia Ferumbrinha: Nattank 2000 reward streak
Tibia.com: Pulchny – “Useless knowledge: it’s been 2000 days since intro of shrine”
Reddit: Popicii looking for friends

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