March 4, 2024

Player Vashira from the server Damora boasts about looting a Paladin Armor from Bog Raiders.

According to the player who managed to fulfill that unusual accomplishment, the chance to get a Paladin Armor is 1 out of 711. With a +40% loot modifier that makes 1 out of 508, though. In accordance with his calculations, the chances to get a Paladin Armor from hunting 1485 Bog Raiders is the following: 1-(507/508)^1485 * 100% = 94.6%.

Vashira succeeded at looting the Paladin Armor after killing 1485 Bog Raiders. That means that, according to the previously stated calculations, he was rather unlucky having to kill so many in order to loot the item.

He is aware of his lack of luck but also very happy that he took up the challenge and finally succeeded. During his Bog Raiders hunt, he managed to take 16 levels (50 – 66).

Due to his low level, he decided to hunt them at the Edron Cave. That was because they would come 1 at a time. Although, he recommends players with higher leveled characters to hunt in Yalahar, instead as the Bog Raiders come n higher numbers there and the spawn area is much bigger.

You may wonder: why get excited about looting a Paladin Armor? Vashira explains that he collects all his equipment on his own. He does not buy his items through the market, nor does he accept them as gifts. For his level (50), a Paladin Armor is a decent piece of equipment so instead of buying it, he decided to loot it by himself! Now he is thinking of looting a Royal Helmet from Dragon Lords, or Blue Legs.

The players are happy with people like Vashira, who enjoy the game and are excited about achieving little goals like that. And what are your opinions? Let us know!


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