June 25, 2024

Copying Outfits and Colours.

Did you ever ask your friend to tell you which colors should u set to copy his style?

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever! The build-in mechanism allows us to copy and paste colors and outfit styles from other people, or just to simply save our favorite one.

In order to do that, we have to simply open the character customization menu and chose one of the buttons that are located on the right side of the color menu.

One of them allows us to copy our colors, and the other one whole outfit style. After using this button, Tibia will copy to the clipboard a text line, that defines our outfit.

For example:

Having this in our clipboard, we can paste the outfit/colors or just simply send it to a friend.

Here is an illustration of changing outfits between 2 characters, which belong to two different players:

Here we got an outfit we like!

Let’s choose “Copy (all)” button.

Now you can notice, that button “Paste (all)” is active and your outfit with colors are copied to the clipboard.

In the meantime, on the second character, the player copies the text sent by a colleague:

The player selects the “Paste (all)” button.

And so we copied the full set: outfit and colors.

In case we are not in possession of a copied outfit, the settings will automatically change our outfit to a “Citizen” one.