July 17, 2024

Another year, another fansite item lottery! CipSoft has announced the third celebration, where we can choose one of fansite items as our favorite.
You may only participate in the lottery if your account contains a character of at least level 75.
After the lottery is complete, we will have a lottery in which voting players can win fansite items of their choice.

The lottery will end on March 31, 2023, at midnight, CEST. Fansite items will be delivered to the highest level character that has reached the main of a winning account.

For the Fansite Appreciation Day, we will have an opportunity to join a couple of contests organized by multiple sites.

The first of the contests will ask us to draw a Draptor Doll. We can draw whatever we like, but the star must be the beloved Draptor Doll. Both traditional and digital drawings are allowed.
The deadline to submit your drawing is on April 10th at server save time. Submissions should be presented at TibiaDraptor discord server.



The second contest is organized by two fansites BomDiaTibia and TibiaDuality.
Contest starts on Server Save of March 24th and ends on Server Save on April 17th (10:00 CET).

We will be asked to create a Card for the Fansites. Both text and visual content in the card must be hand-made, and contain a maximum of 100 words total. The card size shall be max A4, but we can shape it however we like. The text must be written in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.
The entries can be submitted on TibiaDuality’s Discord.



The third contest is organized by Rookie.com.pl.
The contest starts with the release of the thread and ends on April 15, 2023, at 23:59 CEST.

The fansite is asking us to create a unique poem about the site. It can be both appreciation or “a bucked of slime”. We will be allowed to quote stories and events related to the fansite.
The submitted poem must be in rhyme and contain the word “Rookgaard”. The length of the poem is arbitrary.
We can post poems in the thread using Rookie.com.pl account.

There will also be audience reward in a form of Baby Munster Doll!



Forth contest is organized by TibiaQA.

The contest runs from 24. March 2023 00:01 CET, until 23. April 2023 23:59 CEST

We will have to browse through questions that were asked before 1. January 2023, and search for questions that are unanswered, without upvoted answers, and without the best answer selected. We should also take into account views and votes. If we find a better answer and post it, we will be able to win.



The fifth and last contest is organized by TibiaLife and FunTibia.

End of the contest: 20/04/2023, 18h59min BRT (23h59min CEST)

The fansites ask us to write a joke in the form of a tale, where you tell the whole joke, or as a question together with an answer or a charade. Examples can be found on the fansite page!
The jokes must involve elements from inside Tibia.



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