June 25, 2024

Knight’s spells rotation.

Knights can be used as powerful warriors or as tanks depending on the spells that they will use during the hunt.

The base spells that are being used by knights during the hunt are:

  • Berserk (exori),
  • Front Sweep (exori min),
  • Fierce Berserk (exori gran),
  • Groundshaker (exori mas)

Those spells belong to the same spell group and cannot be used in one turn. Each of those spells also has an individual cooldown (4, 6, or 8 seconds).
To deal the highest possible damage, we need to use those spells in a round. An example of that can be:
exori gran -> exori min -> exori mas -> exori gran -> exori min -> exori

But before we actually use those spells, we should talk about the second group of spells that share one cooldown, which are:

  • Blood Rage (utito tempo),
  • Protector (utamo tempo),
  • Challenge (exeta res),
  • Chivalrous Challenge (exeta amp res)

Those spells are responsible for the spell/mele damage and for the control of monsters.
The first two spells allow us to deal more damage while being more vulnerable to monster hits, and dealing less damage while being stronger against monster damage. The other two spells allow us to switch the targets of monsters to the knight, and switch mele monsters into non-mele for a short period of time.

During the hunt, knights are required to use the Challenge before being able to use the Blood Rage. As a result, berserk is frequently our first spell of choice. After the use of Blood Rage, when the knight’s skill has been improved, we will be ready to deal the damage with our most powerful aoe spell, Fierce Berserk.

The usage of Groundshaker instead of Front Sweep often depends on the number of monsters surrounding us. The damage of that spell is not the highest but can reach many more monsters, which can lead to a charm proc (which on the stronger spawns can deal over 1000 damage).

There are also a few more spells that are worth mentioning:

  • Intense Wound Cleansing (exura gran ico) – heals for a significant amount of health, with 600 seconds, can be used as a survival tool,
  • Annihilation (exori gran ico) – strongest single target spell, with a cooldown of 30 seconds, often used to kill the last monster in the cage.

As a result, during the hunt, we must constantly choose between hunting styles and change them based on the amount of health we have left and the overall situation. We need to remember that sometimes it can be a good choice to stay in a defensive position to allow the rest of our team to survive.