June 25, 2024


Do you feel good about decorating houses and rooms in Tibia using your creativity? THIS IS YOUR TIME! You have a chance to win great prizes in the contest organized by TibiaHome.com and PortalTibia.com.br!

Summer Update 2022 arrived on Monday, 18.7.2022, and with it many client improvements like Bosstiary, and quests’ locations like Gnomprona and Marapur. Those who follow the updates already know the famous Amaro De Quester, the great Tibian explorer who introduces us to new places.

To celebrate this update and honor the great Amaro De Quester, Tibia Home and Portal Tibia team is preparing a special contest, which is very simple:  create an office for Amaro De Quester, using an in-game decoration!!

For this, use objects that refer to the explorer’s office, and the update!

It is important that you post your work as instructed by the deadline! The contest starts on July 18th and ends on August 18th until the server save! So don’t be late!

Looking for detailed information? Check the links below:



TibiaHome.com is a website that has been dealing with decorations in Tibia for a few years. Before they officially became part of the fansite programme they were active on Instagram (@tibiahome) inspiring players with decorations.

So get inspired too and join the fun!




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