July 17, 2024

TibiaGoals have just announced the second run of their event Huntsies. As the previous part took place on their website and people had to find baby demons on the subpages. This time, according to the announcement, they have designed a whole new quest where the staff is going to play the roles of NPCs.

It is definitely the first time we witness such a complex competition and we’re curious about how it turns out and how many people will be eager to take part in such an event. It appears that there might be a lot of walking in non-protected areas as the staff decided to organize the contest on an optional PVP server, Secura. However, another interesting fact is that the required level for the quest is 8 which means that we will, most likely, not face any difficult monsters or perhaps none at all.

Moreover, it is recommended to have a premium account but that is not a requirement. Does that mean that premium account characters will have it easier during the quest?

If all of it sounds interesting, you can find out more on Tibia.Goals.com.

What are your thoughts? Will you take part? Is there anything you expect to happen during the event? Let us know in the comments below!



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