May 25, 2024

Tibia Drome: How do people reach the podium?

Tibia Drome is an arena where we can face monsters that are not found anywhere else in the game. As a reward, we have a chance to gain potions useful for the game that increase some abilities or give us many different facilities.

For a new player, Tibia Drome can be a hard thing to manage. It is crucial to understand the variety of damage sources, creatures, and two different impediments.

Important thing is, that during the fight, all the attacking, healing, and bomb runes together with potions and arrows/bolts won’t disappear from our backpack while used.
Amulets, mana shield potions, or special (for example healing) food will be used and lost during the Drome arena fight.

The next thing which we will address is the monsters. In the arena, we can find 5 different kinds of creatures in the amount of 4/8/11/14/17 (depending on players’ amount: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) per wave.
Depending on the combination of monsters, you will need to equip different sets, amulets, or rings.

Monsters in the arena deal the damage from:

Domestikion – life drain, mana drain, holy damage, energy damage,

Hoodinion – fire damage, ice damage (distance).

Mearidion – death damage (distance),

Murmillion – physical damage, paralyzing,

Scissorion – physical damage, earth damage, critical strikes,

Mearidion and Hoodinion act as range damage sources.

Scissorion is the highest melee damage dealer.

Domestikion is having the support role, increasing the damage of other monsters.

The last monster is Murmillion, a tank with a high amount of health.

The strongest combinations of monsters are the ones with Domestikion’s and Hoodinion’s.
It is because having some equipment that will protect us from ice damage also increases the energy damage from Domestikion.

Items that can be helpful during the fight:

  • glacial amulet,
  • armor with fire/ice protection,
  • leviathan amulet,


  • cobra amulet,
  • armor with death protection,
  • stone skins amulets,


  • gill necklace,
  • armor with earth protection,
  • sacred three amulet,
  • helmets with protection, for example, terra helmet.

Good combinations of the protections will be earth + ice, and earth + death together with life leech on for example elven mail.

During the fight, we will be influenced by 2 impediments, chosen randomly from:

  • teleportation of melee monsters,
  • explosion upon monster death (player target or area of effect),
  • the increased power of monsters by 5 levels after hitting 25% of total health,
  • lava on the floor, which covers almost the whole room (without few sqm’s), and deals 60% of current health upon explosion,
  • teleportation of player into random spot if we won’t avoid the marked fields,
  • drunkenness, which cannot be eliminated with the dwarven ring, and happens if we won’t avoid the changed floor,
  • randomly shown root, on which we have to step, or we will end up paralyzed,
  • randomly shown fear with paralyze, working exactly like the root.

For completing every single level of the arena we will get 10 points, which can be exchanged at npc Lorenzo for additional rewards (8000 for the Phant mount!).
Additionally, the top 5 players are guaranteed a character title and 3 random potions, top 6-10 two random potions, and the top 11-20 one random potion.

Among the rest of the contestants, there will be a draw maximum of 50 potions (1 per player). The higher the score, the higher chance to get the random potion.
The Tibia Drome arena can be completed every 1 hour, and it resets every 2 weeks (Wednesday).