April 22, 2024

Use your XP Boost wisely!

In the past years, players have mastered the ways of gaining the best experience during the double experience events.
One of the things, that help with that, are experience boosts. During a regular day, we can purchase 5 experience boosts between server saves. The cost of each boost increases from 30 up to 360 coins.

XP Boostprize
1st30 Tibia Coins
2nd45 Tibia Coins
3rd90 Tibia Coins
4th180 Tibia Coins
5th360 Tibia Coins

Those boosts increase our experience gain by 50% without bonus (green) stamina, and 75% with.

Experience added by the boost is not increased by double experience, or any other experience event appearing on the server, so they will always give the same amount of experience.

There is also a way to burn 6 boosts on the first day of the double experience and skill event, by purchasing the 1st boost for 30 Tibia Coins before the first day of the event (before server safe). In this way, we are able to buy the cheapest boost twice.

Another important thing is the moment when you should activate the boost. After killing the first monster, we lose 2 minutes of stamina together with 2 minutes of boost, that’s why players usually purchase the boost after killing the first “box” during the hunt, to gain a full hour of bonus experience, not 58 minutes.