April 22, 2024

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The rarest item in Tibia, the legendary Blessed Shield has been sold for a huge amount of 12,000,000,000 gold coins in June 2022!

The new owner of this unique shield is Rei de Lutabra, a famous reseller of Tibia Coins (Rei dos Coins) from Brazil. You can admire the unique item on world yellow BattlEye retro open PVP – Lutabra in his house located north of the depo in Thais, Harbour Place 2 (Shop). Along with the shield in his house, you will also see two more unique items: Magic Longsword and Crown.

The one who decided to say goodbye to the shield is Nathquata (also known as Karr Chaos). You can read his story of the sale in a thread posted on Reddit:

The amount of 12,000,000,000 is a great fortune. To give you an idea of its size, let’s convert it into… other items available in the game!

This is how much Tibia’s most famous trader Rashid will pay you if you sell him 133,334 pieces of Magic Plate Armor!

For this price, the innkeeper Frodo from Thais will sell you 2.4 billion pieces of meat! What a feast that would be! Taking into account that each piece of meat gives us 180 seconds of life regeneration, for the value of this shield we could provide ourselves with about 13,699 years (yes, the real ones!) of life regeneration, and thus assuming the average age of the player and his descendants ~ 90 years – we would feed 152 generations with it. Incredible!

A few words on the history of this legendary item:

“The very first blessed shield on Antica, was a gift from the gods to Elleshar in appreciation for her contribution to game graphics. He sold the shield to Muesli with the promise of never selling it, but he later broke it when he held an auction for it. Among the bidders were YiSlayn and Lightbringer, being this one who bought it.

Initially the defense status of the shield was 50, but it was decreased to 40 with Update 7.0. Despite that, until Summer Update 2018 it was the shield with the highest defense rating, until the Falcon Escutcheon was added to the game with the same defense, but better status overall. The Soulbastion was the first shield added to the game to surpass the Blessed Shield in defense.”




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