July 17, 2024

Yetis, are the legendary creatures every Tibia player has heard of, though few have seen.

Rumor has it that the lucky ones are able to get Bunnyslippers by defeating this mysterious creature. Is this true? Optimists believed it to be true, while realists and skeptics expected proofs, and since there were no such proofs for years – the legend was eventually put into the category of myths.

On June 22, 2022 on the TibiaBosses.com website dedicated to the topic of bosses and monsters with irregular respawn in the contest topic “The Great Boss Hunt” a screenshot appeared sent by player Grove Max from Celesta, on which slippers appeared in the loot! This is probably the first publicly available screenshot with such loot.

Earlier (21.12.2019) the possibility of getting bunnyslippers was confirmed by an admin of Tibia.Fandom website – Hunter of Dragoes from Pacera, who looted Bunnyslippers while hunting Yeti on a test server!

It happened on Isle of Merriment, during the last day of Test Server for the Winter Update 2019 (November 18, 2019). There was a regular yeti spawn which could be camped. Hunter of Dragoes and Lee Kun killed about 112 yetis in 6 hours and Hunter was the one who looted the legendary item.


Below is a glimpse of the card from the bestiary:





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