April 22, 2024

Yesterday the sad information about the most famous rookstayer Dark Gladir being deleted spread through the world of Tibia. It has surely got a lot do to with the item smuggling drama you can read about here.

To shortly remind you what it was about, the drama was about smuggling the items from the main lands to Rookgaard. Initially, only several players got punished for that excluding Dark Gladir who was also involved. A lot of players wondered whether he was guilty and received special treatment from CipSoft or he was innocent and little did he have to do with the whole smuggling. As he got deleted yesterday (7.09.2022) it turns out that there is absolutely no special treatment for anyone who breaks the rules.

Did he break the rules, though? What is his statement in this matter? We asked him and he said that when CipSoft finished the whole investigation they made the decision to delete his account, too. How does he feel about it? Well, he has mixed feelings about the consequences of his acts because, as he says, in the past, CipSoft claimed that the mainland items on Rookgaard were legal – not punishable. So, he says that he was transferring the legal items. However, the community’s opinions on the whole situation are rather divided.

It surely is a big loss, though. Not only Dark Gladir was the most famous rookstayer but also the most enthusiastic person about the old Tibia. He is an active blogger, collector of the old Tibia screenshots, and active forum participant. His friends are now actively trying to convince CipSoft to undo their decision but is there any chance at this point? It may be too late now.

If you’re interested in more information on this topic and what’s Dark Gladir’s position on it, visit:

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