April 22, 2024

Rookgard, the island of beginners. A small percentage of the Tibian community decides to spend most of their time playing Tibia there. They compete with other rookstayers for the title of the highest level, skill, or other achievements on that little island. As the island is one of a kind, leveling up or access to the best equipment is limited, and each of them draws attention to the legendary spike sword, which would undoubtedly give prestige and advantage to its owner.

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At one point, a group of Peloria players noticed that some servers had items you wouldn’t normally get on the beginner island. They immediately pointed out that the prices of these items are very high. Driven by curiosity but also a desire to profit, they started to check how it happened that items from the mainland were found on the Rookgard. They contacted the sellers of these items and asked them if they also owned these on their server. When the sellers stated that there was such a possibility, they immediately got suspicious and began to observe everything that is happening on the server very carefully. They managed to notice a certain relationship between login and character rooking times. They started to study the topic and finally found out about a way to transfer items from the mainland. They immediately started the precedent of relocating the items and despite the risk of consequences, the desire for profit was stronger.

An increasing number of unavailable items that all of a sudden became available, began to attract the attention of other players. Some of them did not pay much attention to it, it was only important for them that the item prices were outstanding. Others, like Dark Gladir, began to wonder whether or not to stop, and then began to release the information about the discovered trick as an attempt to get rid of the public accusations. However, as long as there were no consequences from Cipsoft, it was still just pieces of information provided anonymously. However, when a few people from Dark Gladir’s team were banned for taking advantage of the bug in the game, he decided to entirely reveal what the bug was about and thus stay on the “good guys” side.

Dark Gladir was the only one of the smugglers who avoided punishment because he stopped using the glitch in time. Is that right? Is his repentance a sign of his change or an attempt to use it as the last opportunity to avoid the consequences? Judge for yourself!



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