April 22, 2024

We had to wait 25 years for it, but finally here it is!

With the past updates, Cipsoft has introduced sound into the game. From the fabulous anthem, through the music in different cities, and areas, to monsters yelling at us during the hunt, death, or special attacks.

While we can enjoy the sounds of Tiquanda, some of the combinations can be overwhelming during the fight with a bunch of enemies, therefor Tibia client has included various options, where we can choose the volume and types of sounds that we are interested in.

For the team of programmers, that was inexperienced with it, was a big step and a huge challenge. Tusius, the product manager and supervisor of this project, said:
“How to add sound in a reasonable, sensible, and feasible way? Who do we partner up with for sound effects and music? What to include and what to exclude on purpose? How do we make sure that huge battles do not turn into chaotic noise? And naturally, the questions of what is the maximum that we can pull off within the budget that was allocated to this project, and what do we need to deliver to ensure that it appeals to Tibians?”

The sounds may vary on the weapon types, distance from the enemy, or the amount of water/fire that we can see on our game window. A lot of work has been put to create a feeling of the area that is surrounding us, for example screaming monkeys in the jungle.

One of the most important sounds of the game is the anthem. It was supposed to be “the first musical greeting you will hear when opening the game client, it rings in your next Tibian adventure”. Also, during the development of sounds in every single area, the team had to align them with the lore and atmosphere.

Not every item, every action, or every single place has its own sounds. Everything will be enriched with every single update, because the project of Tibia sounds way too big to introduce everything at once, without spending another couple of years in development. As Tusius said: “We will, of course, continue to implement new sounds if we need them for a new feature such as novel spells coming with the skill wheel in the winter update, for example, or in case we want to introduce the 21st area with its own signature track,”.

So in the end, there is no time to lose, head into the game and listen to the new music! Parts of the soundtrack can also be found on the tibia webpage:




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