June 25, 2024

TibiaQA.com has announced a treat for tibia experts!

But wait a minute, let’s start at the beginning…

Do you feel you are really good in any Tibia-related field? Maybe you love hunting with your friends and think that techniques for increasing exp/h can be learned from you, and that spell rotation and adjusted EQ are a small thing for you! Maybe you have a lot of knowledge about the achievements available in the game, or you have in mind a way to improve their acquisition for others, but until now you have not had a field to present your suggestions. Maybe you decorate houses and are full of ideas for making this adventure easier for beginners. Or maybe you’ve been absorbed by a new attraction in the game and have fallen in love with boss hunting, so you can teach others how to be effective!

This is your time!

Present a question that can help other players develop their knowledge, and then answer it using the maximum of your experience!

The contest runs from 16. September 2022 00:01 CEST, until 16. October 2022 23:59 CEST

More details can be found below:


Who knows, maybe you will turn out to be the best expert in this edition of the competition.



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