April 22, 2024

The wheel of skills, or how it’s officially called, Wheel of Destiny, is the new feature coming up in the winter update.

In the last sneak peek’s we got to know, that every player will gain one point that will be possible to spend in the wheel since level 51. Each vocation will have a unique set of perks to choose from, with some small overlaps.

The skills will be possible to spend in few categories (Dedication, Conviction, Revelation). Those categories will improve our health, mana, resistance statistics and grant new spells together with some new passive abilities.
Since the beginning, we will have a limited amount of choices in the wheel, which will grow with the amount of points we have spent in a given section.
The more points we will spend the stronger the perks will get, CipSoft has promised more detailed information about the wheel statistics in the last upcoming update teaser.

Although the skill wheel is a big revelation, the next update will also bring us to rebalance of shielding, and a new statistic called Mitigation that will decrease all the common damage type by some percentage that will be calculated on a base of skill, weapon and equipment together with the choice of combat stance (some of the bosses and monsters can benefit from it also). The Protector spell for knight’s will increase the shielding by 135 instead of 220 percent.

This can sound as a big improvement for the harder hunting grounds, that’s why CipSoft has decided to increase the damage of medium to challenging monsters from 1 to 5 percent. The next update teaser will bring us more details about the statistics of those perks.



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