April 22, 2024

It wasn’t long before we had to wait for more news from Rookgaard. It’s just a shame that once again they are negative.

On October 7, 2022, the Tibian world circulated information about the deletion of the highest level of a player gaining his experience only on Novice Island.

On the day of the deletion, he had an experience level of 261 which is sky high on Novice Island.
After the removal of the top 2 Dark Gladir for using a bug in the game allowing items to be moved from Mainland to Rookgaard, it was the turn of TOP 1.

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Many considered Leaver to be a person who used illegal software to gain such an amount of experience points because how do you get such a lvl on a novice dunk?
However, over the years he racked up lvl after lvl avoiding punishment if it was true at all.
Being number one always attracts attention. Even Rookgaard, overlooked by most, has its history and its fanatics. One of them was Leaver.
He earned his name by reaching experience level 261. In addition to his glory, he also earned stares trying to analyze his every move.
And so recently a group of players from Brazil, casting doubt on the integrity of the Polish player, launched a massive and organized campaign aimed at nothing less than the removal of the
player. Using every means at their disposal, from trashing roads, to knocking out monsters on the road to massed reports, the Brazilian players finally got their way and Leaver was removed.
Details of the feud with the Polish player were documented by one of the accusers on youtube.
What happened that the Polish player was removed? What were the reasons for this? Did Cipsoft bow to pressure from players? Did he actually bot the game?
We will probably never know, as the character’s owner shies away from answering and Cipsoft has never released such information.

We can only trust that the reasons for the removal were clear and true.

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