June 25, 2024

A new contest is being run by Tibialight. After 19 months, they will launch the first solo contest called New Dawn.

The contest is supposed to celebrate the introduction of The Gods’ Twilight Doll.
The whole contest will be divided into 3 categories, with 3 sets of rewards that we can earn!

  • Logo – creating a logo, that’s inspired by the newly introduced fansite item. The logo can consist of one drawing with both forms of the item, or two separate ones. The image should also feature Tibia Light words!
  • The Call of The Dark – the category that will bring us a puzzle and treasure hunts. Together with Tibia Light discord and Ragna bot, that will act as a npc we will be able to hunt the treasure. This category will start Saturday 29 October, 4 hours after the server save. Every single person that completes the puzzle before the deadline will enter the draw! There is also a surprise reward for the person that completes it first.
  • Decoration – the last category will give us a chance to create a decoration, which will be inspired by the fan site item or contrasts between light and darkness. The decoration can be created anywhere, with a size of at least 15 Sqm, and a limit of player’s screen.

The other two categories of the contests will start on server save of 28th October 2022.

All the submissions should be sent to a category channel in their discord. To get into the contest, we will need at least level 50 and 300 achievement points.

As a reward, we can gain The Gods’ Twilight Doll together with Golden Warrior Trophy for first places in each category, and some smaller rewards like Nightmare Doll or Blue Sphere for places 2 and 3.



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